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 YANG Jin,SUN Jia-Yue,LIU Tao.Overview of the genetic epidemiology of primary angle-closure glaucoma[J].Recent Advances in Ophthalmology,2019,39(4):389-393.[doi:10.13389/j.cnki.rao.2019.0089]





Overview of the genetic epidemiology of primary angle-closure glaucoma
710021 陕西省西安市,西安医学院(杨瑾);102200 北京市,沙河医院眼科(孙嘉悦);723200 陕西省汉中市,3201医院眼科(刘涛)
Xi’an Medical University(YANG Jin),Xi’an 710021,Shaanxi Province,China;Department of Ophthalmology,Shahe Hospital(SUN Jia-Yue),Beijing 102200,China;Department of Ophthalmology,Hanzhong 3201 Hospital(LIU Tao),Hanzhong 723200,Shaanxi Province,China
primary angle-closure glaucomasignal nucleotide polymorphismgenetic epidemiology
青光眼是一种以眼压增高为特征的遗传异质性眼病,具有进行性不可逆转的视神经变性、视野典型性改变及视网膜神经节细胞丢失的特点。原发性闭角型青光眼(primary angle-closure glaucoma,PACG)是青光眼的主要类型,是全球最常见的高患病率和高致盲率的一类眼病,给患者家庭及社会带来了沉重的负担。近期经家系研究、病例对照研究等多种遗传流行病学研究方法证实,PACG具有明显的遗传倾向。随着人类遗传学研究的快速发展和研究技术的不断提高,近年来基于全基因组关联分析以及候选基因关联分析的PACG遗传流行病学研究越来越多,主要集中在PACG发病相关的易感基因的研究,本文就PACG相关研究背景及遗传流行病学研究进展进行综述。
Glaucoma is a kind of genetic heterogeneity eye disease,with the characteristics of increased intraocular pressure,progressive irreversible optic nerve degeneration,typical change of visual field,and the lost of retinal ganglion cells.Primary angle-closure glaucoma is the main type of glaucoma.It is the most common eye disease with high prevalence and blindness in the world,which has brought a heavy burden to the family and society.Recently,studies on genetic epidemiology,such as family genetic studies and case-control studies,have been indicated that primary angle-closure glaucoma has obvious genetic predisposition.In recent years,with the rapid development of the human genetics research and the research technology,there are more and more genetic epidemiology researches about primary angle-closure glaucoma based on genome-wide association study and candidate gene study,which mainly concentrates on the study of the susceptibility genes associated with primary angle-closure glaucoma.In this review,we discuss the progress of previous studies focusing on the related research background and the genetic epidemiology about primary angle-closure glaucoma.


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